Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Eve

today's mark's last recording session this winter break. we worked on the clapping song and the riff song (greenback). didn't get to alpha and omega----that'll have to be recorded in norcal. save the day got some more synth parts. sounds really 80s. but no lyrics yet for save the day, so that's another one to be done later.

carmineshappy fucking arbitrarily new year. bierce defines year as "n. A period of three hundred and sixty-five disappointments." 2005 will of course be a great year for music because the tonics album is coming out

"what does the new album sound like?"------a better way to listen to an album is to experience the act of putting this album together vicariously by putting yourself into the mind of the artist(s) and what drove them to make what they made. in this particular instance, the album is license to feel miserable that, as a species, we have evolved to realize that we lead miserable and pointless lives, the only meaningful thing left (aside from our extinction) is to express this thought in some art form. and we chose music. hopefully, then you will appreciate the album and feel that it is $12 or howevermuch well spent.

"you depress me" -----no. we depress strings onto frets.

"no one likes an arrogant musician. you've got to respect your fans!" ------just as fans, writers and fanzine writers like to claim "xxxxxxx is the greatest band of all time" is it more wrong for the artists themselves to feel the same, especially since the self is the only thing you'll ever get close to understanding. (as morrissey said, quite correctly, "how could anybody possibly know how i feel?...the only one around here who is me is me"). bottom line, if you're an artist you don't give a shit about anyone elses art. and every artist feels the same---that i'm quite sure of.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Pessimism rules

recorded the instrumentals for save the day, the song designed to give our miserable album about death and despair a happy, lovefest of an ending. at least that was the case until mark decided to change the lyrics. "you are my love?" looks like my love will be LEFT ON THE CUTTING ROOM FLOOR.

"huh? just how depressing is this album?" ------the greatest thing is to die and know that at least one pointless life ended

"ha! are those lyrics from a new song?" ---no, they're actually lyrics from your pathetic LIFE. and possibly mine as well.

"Do you think you're the second coming of Morrissey or The Smiths, or something?" ------yes, except the part about something. i prefer to be termed "nothing"

"Nothing? Is your new album conceptually linked to the song 'Nothing' from Sunny Ash?" -----fuck you for bringing that disgusting idea into being

"gosh! someone's having a bad day... can't you be more positive?????" -----glad to report that arta's sliding chord change from F to A in crowds of nervous people is delightfully disturbing. and the creepy, distant echo of the piano riff is totally evocative of a desolate waste land, which is what the song is about.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Lots of recording today

today we worked on the recordings of portrait, distance, hamlet, agoraphobia, crowds and apart. also played through mark's new song and alpha/omega. steven wrote hamlet (surely the most depressing song of our generation) but mark will sing it because he sounds more like morrissey. mark will also be singing lucy. some of the songs sound empty and will be embellished with beach boys harmonies-------neonphosphor

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"But you're ripping us off by recording old material like 'Distance'"

---- let me assure you that Distance by the NEW AND IMPROVED group sounds nothing like the noise you got on Sunny Ash. next

"what's the new album about?" ---- meaningless

"where's you're only human (do you know what you're doing?)" ---- a good song, but not on there because it doesn't fit with the others lyrically

"are you playing a concert?????" ---- recording this album is our top priority. we'll see if we have time afterwards. please remember we all go to different universities. that tends to make things difficult. but we'd love to, if things work out

"do you like ts eliot?" ---- we love him. to DEATH. listen to Hamlet