Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Tonics at the recording studio?

"My source from the paparazzi told me that three Tonics visited the studio where most of the album was recorded. Did you guys record something?"----Yes, we recorded a new high score on Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle.

"No, really. Did you guys at least play through your old songs, just to break the ice?"----Almost. We played through some missions on Jetfighter I, in order to blow up some buildings being used by our Soviet enemies.

"Our long-range microphone picked up some strange electronic music emanating from the studio. Are you guys switching genres, like Radiohead with Kid A?"----No, what you heard was the SimCity Classic theme song being played on the PC speakers.

"How about the fact that a PA was spotted in your car, while you guys were in the studio?"----Who the hell are you? Quit snooping around! We are going to incorporate that PA into the ultimate video gaming system.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

You're Only Human (Do You Know What You're Doing?)

The Tonics have released the promotional video for "You're Only Human (Do You Know What You're Doing?)", a song that was recorded back in 2005, but was left off the album because it didn't fit. Enjoy.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Okay, I heard that the Tonics are reforming this holiday season, true or not?"

----No, it's the long lines that are reforming at the shopping malls this holiday season.

"Great moments in rock and roll: The Marvelettes have gotten almost 6,000 plays on YouTube. Any plans for more videos?"----I'm not surprised. The Marvelettes were a greater band than the Tonics could ever hope to be... 18.7 times greater, if you do the math.

"What the hell is that building at the end of your videos?"----That is not just a building. That is our god, the cube. Mock the cube again and die.

"Is your cube like a Borg cube?"----No! It is actually more like a cubical version of the Death Star.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Are the Tonics going to release their album for free, like Radiohead just did?"

----No, our album sounds nothing like Radiohead.

"Is there a future for the Tonics?"----Didn't we make that clear enough when we played at the No Future Cafe?

"I've noticed a recent burst of activity on the Neon Phosphor blog. Does this mean the band is about to do something?"----And Lucy tricked us into it?

"I spoke with a friend of a friend of the band, and she told me that the band has stockpiled a whole bunch of new songs for an upcoming album project. Is that true?"----You're getting confused with our stockpile of food for the upcoming nuclear winter.

"What's your favorite song on the album?"----Finally, a good question. The answer is "Paranoid Android." You were talking about OK Computer, weren't you?