Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Anne Bancroft" still an Internet favorite

Just over a month ago, British indie folk-rock artist Steve Ison left us this commentary on "Elegy For Anne Bancroft" on
Sept 11th 2008.....Its weird,in my alternate universe i see this as a classic psychefolk song everyone knows and loves -It just sounds like its always been around.Maybe i love it so much because THe Graduate might well be my favourite film of all time-Tucked in amongst all those timeless,melancholic Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack songs,this would fit perfectly on every level,qualitively and atmospherically..What a beautifully elegant title too.. 'ELEGY for Anne Bancroft'-i could love it just for that! The lyrics are so naturally poetic,imaginative and suggestive as well,creating all that space to open up your imagination..DElightful track..........................
Thanks, man.

I suppose we should try to get more comments by uploading our songs to or sending out the Get Things Done album to radio stations. But then we wouldn't be the best kept secret in rock-and-roll, would we?