Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Tonics featured on KALX "The Next Big Thing"

That's right! According to the Yahoo! Group for The Next Big Thing (KALX-FM, Berkeley), we were featured on the January 23, 2006, episode. Unfortunately, none of us tuned in, so we have no idea what they played or what they said about us.

"way to go, phosphor. i thought you kept up with these things."----Shut up. For all you know, you may have won a Grammy this past February.

In other news, KDVS-FM in Davis played "Lucy Tricked Me Into Something" on the 6/12/07 edition of the Kid Courageous & Tigerlily show. That's less than two months ago. Maybe we should print some more of our albums, because I have a feeling these DJs are playing from our EP.