Monday, July 04, 2005

"Telegraph Avenue" the most played song at Tonics/Sculpted Static concerts. Here's the evolution of the song:

Dec. 2001 - Arta records a demo called "shmalifornia." Steven turns it into "Telegraph Avenue."
Jan. 2002 - Sculpted Static play "Telegraph Avenue" at their first concert, with Alex on backing vocals and Steven on fake drums.
Spring 2002 - They record the song.
May 2002 - "Telegraph Avenue" gets played on KALX Berkeley.
July 2002 - "Telegraph Avenue" is played in Nicole's backyard. Mark is on backing vocals, Steven plays fake bass, and Ian drums for the first time.
Fall 2002 - Steven records less British vocals. The song is rereleased.
Jan. 2003 - The song is played in Steven's garage. No backing vocals, Steven is on real bass.
July 2003 - No Future Cafe concert. Tristan sings backing vocals. Steven plays bass.
April 2005 - Berkeley concert. Mark sings backing vocals. Steven plays a keyboard solo. Other musicians are recruited from Project X. G plays bass. "Telegraph Avenue" becomes the most played Sculpted Static/Tonics song, breaking the tie with "Star Ferry" and "Agoraphobia."

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