Sunday, September 04, 2005

Erika wants to know...

if we want to play at the Emergenza Festival:
My name is Erika Moore and I'm in charge of booking for the Emergenza Festival in 112 venues across the U.S. in such clubs as the Avalon in Boston, the Metro and Double Door in Chicago.

I was wondering if you would be interested in having your band perform. You will find all of the information and the necessary form at

You can contact me at or phone me personally, or any member of my staff at the toll free number: 1-888-923-2263

This is the largest contest ever for unsigned bands in North America. 45 US cities, 8 Canadian and 90 European ones, will be involved in the project. 5000 american bands will be booked to play live across the U.S. combining 1600 nights between November 05 and July 06 to showcase them.

Support slots at the tweeter center (30,000 capacity venue) in Boston, free recording at the world's top studios, songs on nationwide/European compilations and submission of your material to our label and management partners, are a few of many projects that are also available.

The entire festival is produced in cooperation with the top music partners and radio stations across the country.

All shows are co-produced with Ernie Ball, Crate, Ampeg, Sabian, Mapex, Remo, D'andrea, Sennheiser and Regal Tip. These companies will award the best musicians with 1000,000 US$ in prizes.

The best bands will tour Europe all expenses paid and will also be booked to play in the Vans Warped tour. Thanks for your time!
The Tonics will not achieve fame and fortune by playing games such as this one. You can call it sour grapes, but we call it forging our own path to stardom. It is important that we don't get caught up in the machine; part of our art is building a new machine to destroy the old one. We do not aspire to be the cream of the crop (as the thousands of bands at Emergenza will hope to be). Instead, we are a new type of crop. When you're not part of the system, you have no competition. No agents, no record labels, no Simon Cowell to tell you that you haven't made it. As completely independent artists, we will just keep improving our music until it earns a place in the musicial canon. And that's how The Tonics will go pop. I don't think we're that far away, either.

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