Thursday, December 01, 2005

Random notes in the key of Tonic

  • The album is now called Get Things Done.
  • "Mean Song" and "Sunday Night" need more echo.
  • "Save The Day" needs work on the first chorus.
  • "Love Makes People Stupid" needs a new arrangement.
  • Times confirmed: The Tonics are playing at 10pm on Dec. 20 at the Blue Cafe, and 9pm on Dec. 28 at the Lava Lounge.
  • We will not hire a CD duplication service because we can't afford it. Instead, our first run will be burned on our computers.
  • We will reuse the CD cases Steven found in the Stebbins Hall free pile.
  • Not sure if we want to use Kinko's this time. Anyone know of a cheap printing place that can do liner notes?

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