Friday, August 18, 2006

What you find when you Google yourself

I found a review of the Sculpted Static website on something called the Unlikely Glossary Project. I don't know what it is (I can only access it through the Google cache) but I suspect it's made by one of Arta's friends.
The band has a website that is virtually impossible to navigate, by being purely symbolic and textless. It’s a huge ass-pain. You are encouraged to insult the website at its "scrawlwall". You are encouraged to use Dirty Sanskrit.

Update: Apparently, "Sculpted Static" is now called "The Tonics."
Now here's an interesting one. It is a forum post by a high school friend who produced artwork for us during the Heart of Darkness days.
The only band that I listened to recently is Sculpted Static. Why? The short explaination is, I have no taste in music. Here's the long explaination: A couple of years ago, back in high school, a couple of friends and acquaintances of mine decided to start a band. I told them something to the effect of "but you suck" / "it will never work out". They currently have two albums out, and actual fans... :p I still say that they stink though. Some of their songs are good, but the percentage is too low to justify the effort for me. The moral of the story is: I have no taste in music. Some of them are going to hunt me down now... But I regret nothing.

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