Friday, November 24, 2006

Rehearsal, for what?

A few months ago, the Tonics were on the verge of indie pop stardom with several Hollywood gigs and the release of their brilliant debut album, Get Things Done.

How quickly things change! The Tonics have apparently stepped away from the verge and back into garage band territory. Just look at today's rehearsal program:

The Zombies - Tell Her No
Al Green - Let's Stay Together
Tommy James & The Shondells - I Think We're Alone Now
The Everly Brothers - All I Have To Do Is Dream
The Beatles - Nowhere Man
The Beatles - She Loves You
The Velvet Underground - Sunday Morning
Brenton Wood - Gimme Little Sign
The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby
Sculpted Static - Lorem Ipsum

Notice the total absence of any original material. What happened to the creativity?? Have Mark and the bean counter given up on songwriting?? Okay, we know the corporate whore-for-it has sold his soul to the man, but what about the next superstar with a goatee?? What happened to "Our House"?