Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Tonics at the recording studio?

"My source from the paparazzi told me that three Tonics visited the studio where most of the album was recorded. Did you guys record something?"----Yes, we recorded a new high score on Commander Keen IV: Secret of the Oracle.

"No, really. Did you guys at least play through your old songs, just to break the ice?"----Almost. We played through some missions on Jetfighter I, in order to blow up some buildings being used by our Soviet enemies.

"Our long-range microphone picked up some strange electronic music emanating from the studio. Are you guys switching genres, like Radiohead with Kid A?"----No, what you heard was the SimCity Classic theme song being played on the PC speakers.

"How about the fact that a PA was spotted in your car, while you guys were in the studio?"----Who the hell are you? Quit snooping around! We are going to incorporate that PA into the ultimate video gaming system.