Thursday, April 21, 2005

Arta: "We need to make music that will destroy the world"

Speaking of apocalypse, it's time for a Sunny Ash moment.

As some of you may know, we released an album called Sunny Ash back when we were Sculpted Static. In fact, Thank You (on our EP) is the same version from Sunny Ash, only touched up a little.

Here are all the references to the sun in Sunny Ash:

"the sinking sun face the smile of the moon" (Lucy)
"sleep on a bed of nails to see the sunrise" (Apart)
"soaking the warmth from the rays of the sun, he takes in some heat" (Follow The)
"so he follows the sun round corners and trees" (Follow The)
"early morn the sun is in my room" (Haste)
"the sun will burn off the day all day" (Nothing)
"the sun is just as big or small" (Nothing)
"he tried to blot the sunlight" (Refrain)
"marisol" (Refrain, we think this means "sunny sea")

Could the sun be a metaphor for a nuclear bomb?

On a side note, the word "no," "nothing" or "not" appears in every song except "Apart."

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