Friday, April 01, 2005

Greatest moments in rock and roll, part 6

Today we focus on instrumentals that "preview" an upcoming vocal melody, often as a turning point in the song.

Blonde Redhead - Misery Is A Butterfly (2:48), guitar anticipates "Misery is a butterfly"
Radiohead - Where I End and You Begin (2:53), bass anticipates "I will eat you alive"
Radiohead - Sit down. Stand up. (2:25-3:03), piano chords in the rhythm of "rain drops, the rain drops"
The Beach Boys - You Still Believe In Me (0:00), the intro melody, made by simultaneously playing and plucking the piano strings, doesn't return until the coda (1:37 onwards)
The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money (0:00), the intro melody is the same as the verse
Blonde Redhead - Melody (0:00), keyboard intro anticipates the verse melody, ironically the keyboard starts playing something else once the singing starts

The Tonics used this technique on "Lucy Tricked Me Into Something."

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