Thursday, September 01, 2005

Country song recording

The country song lyrics were finalized this morning, and they are about the late Princess Diana. Arta recorded an electric guitar part for the country song. The recording session ended early because of issues with the acoustic guitar.

But we are really in no mood to record anything, with all the deaths and suffering happening in New Orleans and Iraq. We feel helpless in California, and can only remind everyone to donate to the rescue/relief efforts if they can, but hopefully our government will do more to help because they are the ones with the resources. Every minute that help is delayed is a minute that thousands of desperate people are living in the hazardous muck infested with snakes and insects.

There is also the news that Fats Domino, a pioneering rock and roll musician, is missing in New Orleans.

Update: There are now reports that Fats Domino has been rescued, based on a photo taken Monday night. But his current whereabouts remain unknown, and there is still no information about his wife, who was with him when the hurricane hit.

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