Monday, November 07, 2005

A tracklist

  1. Sunday Night ("Well, it's me whom I wake up next to...")
  2. Mean Song ("It's not everyday you get to be pretty...")
  3. Elegy For Anne Bancroft ("Who is that standing round...")
  4. Lucy ("Lucy, we knew we couldn't have walked out alive...")
  5. Bartleby (instrumental)
  6. Distance ("Who should know better than me what I should do?")
  7. Sad ("Simplicity...")
  8. Love Makes People Stupid ("You came into my life when...")
  9. Agoraphobia ("I hear it's wrong to be alone...")
  10. Get Things Done ("Starlight breaks in my summer's eye...")
  11. The Waltz (instrumental)
  12. Lucy Tricked Me Into Something ("I was only looking for nothing...")
  13. Greenback ("When we were together all I wanted to be...")
  14. Thank You ("When we stood in the cold and talked in the park...")


Anonymous said...

thanks, neon.

Neon Phosphor said...

You're welcome, but Neon is only 1/3 of my name. It's like if I called you Ra.