Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Tonics have a crisis meeting

Last night, the Tonics had a top-secret, closed-door meeting inside one of AOL's chatrooms. Somehow, Neon Phosphor was not invited, so I can't tell you what happened, except that the band members emerged looking exhausted and refusing to speak to the media. I can only guess that one or more of the following things happened:
  • An angry dispute over the distribution of the $20 earned from the Lava Lounge gig. In particular, band treasurer Steven has not yet bought pizza for the band despite promising to do so when he pocketed the money.
  • A musical brainstorming session leading to creative differences within the band.
  • The destruction of various instruments, including Arta's brand new Dean Palomino.
  • The vandalism of the AOL chatroom and subsequent arrests made by AOL "Terms of Service" enforcers.
  • Mark vetoed one or more of his own songs off the already-released album, necessitating a recall of the 27 CDs in circulation.
  • Arta threatened to dissolve the band unless he received sole songwriting credit on all Tonics songs, because "they wouldn't be anything close to rock-and-roll if it weren't for my guitar parts."
  • Record label censored the Get Things Done cover art because it was too sexist.

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