Friday, June 30, 2006

"I'm a big nerd and I want to know about works in progress."

----The following is a list of 23 original songs that may appear on future Tonics releases.

  • "Down Below" - a relatively slow song with an octave harmony
  • "Our House" - a vintage guitar-driven song, currently in an advanced stage of production
  • "Atlantis" - according to the writer, it's "somewhere between an elliott smith and a don mcclean impression"
  • "Atoday" - a slow 6/8 song, also known as "Hifi"
  • "Future Four Four" - another song with a guitar hook
  • "How To Win" - features a whistling section. Was rehearsed briefly during the last spring break
  • "Savage" - a waltz with lots of echo and lead electric guitar
  • "Alpha And Omega" - apparently abandoned despite being a contender for the Get Things Done album
  • "My One Sweet Love" - a quiet organ-driven song
  • "Lisa" - a vintage dance pop song, recently Spectorized but remains unreleased
  • "Radio" - a piano-based song dating back to 2003
  • "Nothing Matters At All" - a mid-tempo pop song with a catchy chorus
  • "If You Want To Feel Young" - a multi-movement song
  • "Laetitia" - the sequel to "Lucy Tricked Me..." according to the songwriter
  • "Crowds Of Nervous People" - a piano-based Get Things Done reject
  • "Amaj7" - briefly rehearsed by the band before being abandoned for "not sounding enough like a Tonics song." Some of the melody was written by Mark during the 2003 Davis summit.
  • "Stair" - a song most notable for its non-recurring introduction
  • "This Is The Last Day Of Your Life On Earth" - a pop song almost completely written by Arta, with slight modifications by Steven, and later reworked by Mark
  • "You're Only Human (Do You Know What You're Doing)" - left off Get Things Done despite receiving a new lead vocal track in 2005
  • "The Country Song" - this love song for Princess Diana was shelved halfway through serious production
  • "Surf Rock" - a surf rock instrumental
  • "The Waltz" - a bizarre instrumental, the completed master remains unreleased
  • "Someday" - a faster pop song written by our new bassist Spencer