Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Sculpted Static flashback of the day

"Salvo Social" (2003) was a significant Sculpted Static song for the following reasons:
  • It marked the first time the band modulated to a new key in the middle of the song. The change happens at 1:33.
  • First use of spoken word in a Sculpted Static song. Steven reads from the USA PATRIOT Act during the verses. The effect was inspired by the Velvet Underground's "The Murder Mystery" from their self-titled album.
  • The "drumming" was simply a preset pattern on Steven's RadioShack keyboard. Before "Salvo Social," the band's fake drumming was usually played manually on the keyboard.
  • Arta uses a sampler near the end of the song, and it can be heard clearly over the last chord.
Arta played all the guitar parts, and Steven played bass and performed all vocal parts. Mark and Ian were at school and did not play on the recording. However, the song was performed by all members of the band at the No Future Cafe concert.


Anonymous said...

Wrong again, Neon. The first time we used spoken word was on our very first song, "Heart of Darkness: The Rock Opera." Don't you remember "They call me Kurtz..."? Next time, do your fact checking.

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