Monday, February 07, 2005

"Any news on the single?"

----The first (de)pressings of the new Tonics single will ship very soon! Like the Trojan horse it will find its way into your heart and then destroy it forever, like the world has done to ours.

"What did Lucy trick you into?" ----Something, of course. Didn't you listen to the song?

"There is a line in one of the songs about 'I'm a jingle, I'm so useless'. Do you feel like your life has been reduced into a jingle?" ----No, our lives have actually been expanded into the jingle. Through our songs, we'll find our way into the souls of millions of listeners. We're talking about feeding the collective soul of humanity. And for once, we're not a Nike or Gap commercial.

"How can you have an anti-consumerist message and aspire to sell millions of records? Are you hypocrites?" ----We're after the fame, not the fortune. We'll be happy enough even if we sell only a thousand records and they are pirated ten times over. Oops, there goes our chance of signing with a record label. I better shut up.

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