Saturday, February 26, 2005

"How's Hamlet doing?"

----Dead, I think.

"What happened to the old Neon Phosphor entries?"----Fear not, the archives will be available soon.

"Will you release the last songs you made as Sculpted Static? I heard that 'Pixies' and 'No Logo' are practically done."----Does this look like the Sculpted Static site to you????? ...Yeah, I thought so.

"What's your favorite year in rock and roll?"----2005, the year of The Tonics.

"What if you don't become famous?"----Pardon?

"What if it's all for nothing? What if you don't achieve fame and your songs only reach a handful of listeners?"----That's like asking 'What if a banana weren't yellow?' The Tonics exist to be famous. It simply can't be any other way. It just takes relentless song distribution and unflagging belief that we will inevitably be famous. Other bands get stuck on the part about you having to be lucky.

No, there's really no luck involved in achieving fame. It's like at a concert; if you really want to, you just have to slowly make your way to the front, and then you're there. Note that this philosophy doesn't quite work for the non-musical aspects of the "American dream."

"So you are absolutely convinced that you'll be famous."----That's right. But that doesn't mean it'll come to us automatically. There's work for us to do.

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