Tuesday, February 08, 2005

"I read on Pitchfork that..."

----I don't trust those sites. I don't trust people who write about music. I don't trust them who against their innermost hearts will place Kid A at the top of their list just because a lot of unnecessary prose can be generated from it. The bottom line is that Kid A is an inaccessible hookless symbol of pretentiousness. When are people going to admit that they get more of a kick out of ABBA and The Beatles and The Beach Boys and perhaps even Madonna? Half the shit on their top 100 list, and especially if you look at some individual writers' own lists, some of them are naming bands that obviously no one's ever heard. That's just obnoxious, man.

"But you are an obscure band, yourself..."----That's right. But our shit is designed to make us famous, not to stagnate at the level of so-called indie rock. We'd prefer to get written up because we're famous and people want to read about us, not because some writer decided to impress his editor by mentioning some new band like he's hip or something. And we'll surely be famous on the merits of our music, a little radio airplay here and there, and filesharing.

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