Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Famous people

Our publicity plans include sending complimentary album copies to famous people like Mel Brooks (husband of the late Anne Bancroft), Phil Spector (whose "wall-of-sound" recording techniques have influenced our album) and Morrissey.

The Tonics are distantly associated with Spector and Morrissey, both of whom live in the Los Angeles area. Arta's sister once spoke "a word or two" to the former Smiths frontman at a party, and one of our high school friends waved to Morrissey at an Arcade Fire concert at the Troubadour, and Morrissey waved back.

At one point, the Spector estate owned a video of Mark playing guitar at school. It was shot by Spector's daughter, who was an acquaintance of Mark's. It is not known whether the tape has survived to this day, or whether the legendary producer himself has seen this footage of the next great rock-and-roll sensation. Meanwhile, Phil Spector's murder trial is set to begin in January 2006.

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