Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The focus group says...

We have posted "Mean Song" to a web site called It's a site where people can rate and comment on each other's original mp3s. Since we are artists, we don't let other people's opinions affect our work, especially if it's from a self-selected group of extroverted and judgmental musicians. But being curious is only human, so here are some comments we have gotten, and Neon Phosphor's responses:

"That 'better get' chorus is the catchiest thing I have ever heard."----Hell yeah, I don't know how Mark wrote that chorus. Or rather, what drug he was using at the time.

"Superfluous harmonies and guitar leads meant to evoke 'And Your Bird Can Sing' aside, this is way more Smithsesque than Beatlesque. It's okay enough to get an okay."----Huh? It sounds nothing like 'And Your Bird Can Sing.' Arta's playing a descending scale. The guitar riff on AYBCS is this weird ass melody that goes up and down. What the fuck are you smoking?

"Wow, Erik is pretty mean. That said, I totally hear what he's saying. Still, [good] This is a beautiful song, if not a bit derivative of AYBCS."----Again, "Mean Song" has nothing to do with that fine example of psychedelic rock on Revolver. You must be on shrooms.

"Nice melody but the totally uninvolved vocal delivery makes it sound like you hate your own song."----Dude, if you actually listened to the lyrics, it's about fucking suicide, which is what you should be doing instead of writing these idiotic song reviews.

"How could you not like this./ Excellent./ P.S. i think the harmonies are a great touch, and most definitely needed."----There we go. See, this guy is probably an artist. True artists are generous people and they say nice things if they say anything at all. I mean, people put their heart and soul into art that doesn't pay them anything. That fact alone should command your respect.

Log in to and head on to the "Mean Song" page if you want to add to the buzz!

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