Monday, October 10, 2005

The first step to fame


I'm a member of The Tonics (, an independently managed and produced Pasadena-area pop group interested in playing its music live at a suitable venue. We have been honing our material for 5 years now, priding ourselves for a professional sound combining a dry lyrical sensibility with upbeat music in a way evocative of The Smiths, The Chordettes, and Lou Reed. Below, please find links to three songs (if you'd prefer a CD, we'll gladly send you a copy):


Though we have played sparingly at various cafes and houses, our competency as both musicians and songwriters has ensured that every set has been well-received. Any show that we play will not be a disappointment. We are currently interested in shows scheduled during and after mid-December.

Thank you much for your time and interest,

(insert band member name here)

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