Friday, October 07, 2005

"Lisa" misunderstood, so far

We all thought "Lisa" was going to be a hit, but surprisingly the comments haven't been good so far. Tough crowd.

"very cool retro sound, but unfortunately all i could muster was an ok, you lost the cool hook of the last ones."----I disagree. The whole chord progression is a hook. Few indie rockers write songs based around the blues chords.

"Vocal delivery sounds better than the last two - but this has veered even further into pastiche territory [okay] law of diminishing returns I guess."----Pastiche? The so-called "hip" doth live in the present too much. An artist of any consequence does not operate in the context of "progress." Humans have not changed for millenia, and humans today respond to the same stimuli as humans in 1966. This band do not apply the terms modernity and archaism to works of art. We enjoy The Beatles as much as Elliott Smith, as though as they performed side by side. We borrow as much from the classics as from the modernists, whatever suits our needs. So what if "Lisa" could've been a hit in 1966? I'm sure OK Computer would've been a hit in 1966, too. "Lisa" is a perfectly good rock song with absolutely nothing clever, satirical or tongue-in-cheek about it. This line of thinking, of course, is what produces timeless classics, which is why we're definitely going to be canonized in rock-and-roll history.

[From yesterday, regarding "Love Makes People Stupid"]

"That scream halfway through (and again towards the end) makes you sound like you saw a spider in the corner of the downstairs bathroom. This reminds me of that post Jane's Addiction group that Perry Farrell was in. This song is okay."----Some people exist just to bitch, bitch, bitch. Neon Phosphor might like to bitch, but Neon Phosphor never bitches about other people's artwork.

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