Monday, May 09, 2005

Copies 14 and 15 mailed

We finally mailed out copies 14 and 15 to paying customers in So Cal. Our goal is to get to 100. Remember, we expect most people to have downloaded our mp3s off the web site, so it's hard to tell how many copies of Pop Go The Tonics are floating around.

"Seriously, are we going to see a new album this summer?"----In a parallel universe, the answer would be yes.

"Um... sure. So, what does the new 'Alpha-Alpha' song sound like? And why the change in song title?" ----Well, if you must know... signs point to yes.

"Excuse me?" ----You heard me the first time.

"What's with this hostility? Don't you respect your fans?" ----Performatively speaking, I am entertaining them as we speak. Next question.

"Do you believe rock stars should take advantage of their position in society to promote social causes like Free Tibet, cancelling third world debt, and increasing awareness of depression?"----Concentrate and ask again.

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