Friday, May 27, 2005

What kind of sixties person am I?

Like I really want to know. Here's what they asked:

"First, the inevitable. What's your favorite color?"----Well, this one's easy. BLACK. As in "my dark lord the cube is blacker than the night sky."

"Which 60s person is your idol?"----JOHN LENNON, because he wrote some of the greatest songs ever. Like "This Boy" and "Help!"

"Others see you as..."----KINDA SCARY.

"You see yourself as..."----SMART. I'm a genius.

"When it comes to music, you like..."----I couldn't select The Tonics, so I had to go with ROCK AND ROLL.

"In High School, you were..."----The OUTCAST, of course.

"Which of these problems is the worst(to you personally)?"----I live on the fucking internet, so how do any of these problems affect me personally? I answered POVERTY, which is really less a problem and more a symptom of the greatest problem: capitalist greed. But I couldn't select that one.

"Fill in the blank: ________irritate you."----I couldn't say existence, so COPS it is. We had a song about cops. It's called "Narc."

"Which of these objects most appeals to you?"----It was between gun and guitar. I chose GUITAR.

"Pick a pattern:"----UNION JACK. It's a Sculpted Static/Kris song.

"When it comes to hair..."----"I PREFER SOME OUTLANDISH COLOR, SUCH AS PINK OR BLUE." Notice the hidden political message in there: pinko and blue (as in democrat blue).

"You'd most like to visit..."----LONDON, the site of Abbey Road studios.

"What are your thoughts concerning the current war in Iraq?"----It ANGERS me, especially knowing that some people taking the test would answer "I support it wholeheartedly."

You are a Mod. Yeah baby.

What kind of Sixties Person are you?
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OK. Well it could be worse. Today's album recommendation is from a band closely associated with mod culture. The Who Sell Out. I think it's better than Who's Next. More clever. And it has one of John Entwistle's best moments, "Silas Stingy." Bless his soul. Petra haden did an a cappella version of it. I heard some 30-second clips off Amazon. Interesting.

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