Tuesday, May 10, 2005

"Why is it 'Pop' Go the Tonics?"

----Because we slaughtered and ate the weasel? Well, why not?

"I heard that Steven is going to New York to pursue a career in publishing. How will that affect the band?"----It's all part of a grand scheme to install him in an editorial position with RollingStone and get us a feature-length article or two.

"Do you have stage names?"----What an odd question. Well, when we do get around to acquiring all that scaffolding, lighting, backdrops, speakers and shit, we'll probably call the whole assembly 'that multi-million-dollar setup better not collapse on us during a show.'

"So, who or what is Lucy?"----I'm kind of worried that you think Lucy could be a what. Talk about the objectification of women! She did trick me into something, though.

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