Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"Rumors abound that the Tonics album will never see the light of day"

----True. The album will be released to meet the prince of darkness.

"Interesting. Is this album going to sound like Black Sabbath? We know that Mark was in a Black Sabbath tribute band before he joined Sculpted Static, and he is currently playing for a Davis-based classic rock cover band."----What the hell? Now you're just making shit up. What kind of journalist are you? Go listen to "Distance."

"What have you been putting on the Pop Go The Tonics EPs?"----Ah, a good question at last. The last few EPs have featured a cool 37c stamp of R. Buckminster Fuller (architect known for his geodesic domes), a 37c stamp of a snowy egret (a kind of heron), and a 23c stamp featuring Wilma Rudolph (triple Olympic champion).

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