Thursday, June 23, 2005

Impossible to see the future is

"So what happens if Steven stays in New York?"----Same thing that's been happening for the last four years. You have to coordinate everyone's schedules. We are also very good at faking a live performance on tape, so we can have Steven record a backing track with guide vocals in 2005, Arta and Mark's guitars in 2006, Ian can drum in 2007 (if his drumming hasn't already been artificially created), and more detail/bass work in 2008. Keep in mind that we've managed to create an EP and many other songs and promote the band through two concerts, despite the fact that all four of us haven't been in the same room since December 2003. And that was filming the "Distance" video. You'd have to go back to July 2003 for the last time we played music together, which I believe was at the No Future concert. Still, we have done more than many bands, so we are not concerned.

"Why are you putting your personal careers ahead of the band? Don't bands usually have to at least play live in order to move up in the world?"----As we proved in Berkeley, The Tonics will not hesitate to get local musicians to cover the missing instrumental parts. Hell, we could probably license this franchise to musicians all over the country, maybe even play multiple cities at once. That's what they mean by "covering" your band. They're covering for you in your absence. Of course, we hope it doesn't come down to that... we expect telecommunication technology to improve so that we can have a holographic image of whoever's performing, like on the Jedi council.

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