Sunday, June 05, 2005

"What's going on? Why isn't anything happening?"

----You can blame Elliott Smith's friends and family for demoralizing us by releasing From a Basement on the Hill, which can't be topped.

"Is rock dead?"----Yes, Elliott Smith stabbed it in the heart.

"Seriously, explain the situation."----We have a lot of songs completely written, but they still need to be arranged. Mark's not in South Pas, which is a problem, because we don't even have the basic tracks to "Alpha/Alpha," "Sunday Night" and maybe something else I'm forgetting. Steven and Arta may record a song in the next two weeks. If so, it will be a completely new song that has yet to be written.

The problem with taking a long break during the recording is that months later you think your stuff is shite and you want to quit working on it.

"So how do you convince yourself to work on old stuff?"----Turn on KROQ. Chances are, they're playing shit a lot worse than ours. That helps take some of the pressure off.

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