Friday, June 17, 2005

Last recording session for at least 6 weeks

Arta recorded a new guitar part for "Agoraphobia." Steven recorded the piano part. Arta added a guitar solo to the end of "Lucy Tricked Me Into Something."

"Anne Bancroft" will be released without Ian's drum part, which he did two years ago without knowing. Arta: "This is not 'Fake Plastic Trees.' It shouldn't turn into a rock anthem."

Steven is going to New York tomorrow, so all the recordings will come to grinding halt for the next six weeks. Mixing work will continue as usual. "I will have my laptop and I hope I can get my internet connection set up quickly."

We wish Steven a safe journey, and we hope that he will develop a deep hatred of "the Big Apple" so that he may return to the west coast to help the Tonics project continue.

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