Monday, June 13, 2005

List of songs for the new Tonics album, part 1

Over the next few days, I will provide a rundown of all the songs in consideration. Today, I focus on the songs that we have not yet started recording.

Exclusive to readers of this blog!! A montage of demo clips to listen to, as you read the summaries below. Download here.

"Mean Song"----Late contribution to the album effort, written by Mark after winter recording sessions. What's hot: amazing chorus. Issues: Mark took out the lyrical/melodic hook of the song in a recent revision. Arta and Steven would like him to undo the changes.

"Sunday Night"----Solid song. What's hot: excellent lyrics. Remarkably catchy and flows well. Issues: written so recently that only Mark has ever played it.

"Alpha/Alpha (Alpha And Omega)"----in constant development since a year ago. What's hot: killer verse melody, harmonizing guitars. Issues: the song's taken forever to write. Will it lose its freshness? Chorus-to-verse switch not quite worked out.

"Therefore Play Music (The Spanish Song)"----By Steven, the version on Omer's Odyssey is the only one currently in circulation. What's hot: popularity at Stebbins Hall, melodically tied to end of "Tonight." Issues: Arta hates the E to F chord progression and violin part ("sounds too Spanish"). An acceptable version already exists, reducing motivation to record it again.

"Amaj7"----Slow piano song along the lines of "Crowds Of Nervous People." What's hot: great lyrics, one of the songs partially written at the "Davis summit" by Steven and Mark. Issues: unconventional song structure. Steven's piano songs are notoriously difficult to arrange ("Opium," "Radio," "Shoes," "Hamlet," "Crowds Of Nervous People").

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