Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Phantom power

Arta and Steven recorded a new acoustic guitar, piano, and tambourine track for "Anne Bancroft", using the new condenser mic powered by 48 volts of phantom.

"What is phantom power?"----Surely the biggest scam to hit the recording industry since "Magic" Alex poured millions into a non-functioning studio for The Beatles. As far as we can tell, the phantom power box (and the extra mic cable), costing over half the price of the mic itself, has no function except to ensure that we got ripped off to the fullest extent possible, and has a green light to certify our ripped-offness. Should a box that delivers a little bit of power to a mic, a box that is probably nothing more than a modified AC adaptor, really cost $40?

Thanks to all the people who actually paid for the CD they ordered. We hope you feel good in your hearts that your $8 maximum went towards phantom power.

In other news, Steven says: "I don't like my lead vocals on 'Anne Bancroft.' This new mic is only making it easier to hear the problems in my performance."

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