Saturday, January 22, 2005

"Are you worried that college might be holding back your budding musical career?"

----The oldest Tonic is only 21. At age 21, here's what the legends were doing:

Brian Wilson (in 1964) composed "Dance Dance Dance," "Help Me Rhonda," and was still a year away from Pet Sounds.

John Lennon (in 1961) played the Cavern club and Hamburg with The Beatles, a year before they even signed to EMI.

Paul McCartney (in 1963) recorded songs like "All My Loving" and "Hold Me Tight." Rubber Soul came two years later.

Roger Waters (in 1964) had just formed Pink Floyd. At this point, they were three years from their debut album and 9 years from Dark Side of the Moon.

Morrissey (in 1980) was still two years away from forming The Smiths with Johnny Marr.

Thom Yorke (in 1989) was still playing with On a Friday.

Kurt Cobain (in 1988) had just formed Nirvana and was a year away from recording Bleach.

So, considering the quality of our new album, I'd say we're right on schedule.

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