Monday, January 10, 2005

The Rime of the Studio Engineer

Arta recorded an acoustic guitar track for "Hamlet." Steven recorded more harmony vocals for "Distance." Recording of "The Spanish Song," scheduled for today, has been postponed.

"Will you finish 'Opium' for a b-side release?" ----Why bother? There's two versions out there already.

A remixed version of "Thank You" from Sunny Ash will appear on the new Tonics album. Mark announces plans to rewrite its lyrics.
The Rime of the Studio Engineer

It is a studio Engineer,
Stopped by a software glitch
"O cursed Faders up and down
"Cubase is such a bitch!"

A valiant attempt is all but futile
To restore the work unsaved
An exercise of Repetition -
By necessity is braved.

(Vocals, vocals, every where
And all the tracks did bloat
Vocals, vocals every where
Pitch shifted note by note)

"It seems the server ate my files
"To scour for new hosts!"
The usual fate, I was then stopped
By the studio Ghosts.

The Ghosts of Edits much regretted -
They did their job destructively.
Unnatural fade outs, gaps of silence,
All mixed unconstructively.

The Ghost of Noise not quite reduced
Left a high-freq hum behind -
And when I asked for an undo
He graciously declined.

The Ghost of EQ to disperse
The sound in ways of clarity -
The only thing that separated
Was my own frail sanity.

My weapons in hand I fought the Ghosts
The Keys on left and Mouse on right
Undefended though were my two ears
They sliced at them with all their might

For then they played the sorry mixdown
Enough to drive one mad
I'm speechless to describe the Noise
Beyond - eternal - "bad!"

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