Thursday, January 27, 2005

Re-recording of "Crowds"

Steven recorded keyboard tracks for a new version of "Crowds of Nervous People," this time with a metronome. It might still be possible to use Arta's old guitar take.

"Are you still looking at a June release date?" ----No, I'm looking at a computer screen and inching closer to complete blindness with each moment I spend fielding your stupid (answerless) questions.

"You really need to chill out." ----If only i had another outlet in my room to plug my electric fan into.

"Are you really going to record some vocal tracks outside?" ----If you mean outside of your nosy earshot, then yeah.

"Will the voice of Lothar be on the album?" ----Ah, Neon Phosphor's second cousin. how's he doing these days?

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