Saturday, January 08, 2005

Repairing Lucy

Arta and Steven worked on some new guitar parts for "Lucy" in an attempt to make it sound less like Sculpted Static and more like The Tonics. They also started recording Steven's "Tonight."

"So what can we expect from this album?" ----We expect this album will make us famous.

"What inspires you to write music?" ----Disappointment, disillusionment and the feeling of emptiness, combined with a strange and illogical desire to stay alive.

"In one of your songs, you sing 'love makes people stupid.' Does it really?" ----First of all, that's love as in romantic love. And stupid? Well... love drives people to buy very perishable roses for $5/ea. on Valentine's Day, make insincere little gift baskets wrapped up in red and pink and purple, filling up the baskets with books and music that will remain unread and unheard by the beloved, at the same time feeding the corporations which live off this irrational behavior. Love causes people to forget each others names, replacing their last bastion of individualism with words like honey, dear and darling. And of the many ways to commit suicide, the most pathetic is to enter a relationship: you cease to be yourself when you start doing things that you loathe, just to please the beloved. For those who really get deep into this dangerous addiction, they're just setting up for a big letdown. but don't get me wrong, sometimes you do want to kick back and be stupid, just not when you're making the most important album of our generation. Ideally, I'd like to fall in love with someone who doesn't believe in love.

"You're too young to be so cynical. This is why you're all single" ----That is actually not true. One of us is currently in a relationship, to use that dreadful term.

"So you're really trying to be The Smiths?" ----Oh yes. Except you've got it a bit reversed. The Smiths were trying to be what we are now.

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