Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Sculpted Static unreleased song of the day

"Did anything happen today?" ----not that I know of. Time for a spotlight on "Cube":

In some ways, "Cube" is the missing link between Sculpted Static and The Tonics. It was Steven and Arta's last attempt to write an instrumental together----the collaboration that had served them well during the old days, but was getting increasingly impractical. Steven's lyrics, on the other hand, were getting more and more bitter, and hinted at the themes of disappointment and disillusionment that would characterize his lyrics for The Tonics:
Vultures and canisters
You think you're so magical
You killed the answers
So expirational
But E. I feel no way could I destroy like you I say
In pain your vanity has sucked up half your brain
"Cube" was recorded in June 2004, at the same time as "Opium" and "You're Only Human." Alas, the multi-movement effort proved too difficult, and the project was canceled before the drums and final vocal takes were completed.

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