Thursday, January 06, 2005

Opium smoked

Today, Steven vetoed "Opium." Arta and Steven worked on a new song called "Filler," and Arta's guitar parts on "Apart," "Distance," and "Lucy." "Lucy" sounds a little bit shite. We're not too sure what's wrong with it. Maybe it's because Sculpted Static wrote it.

"Filler? I thought this was the greatest album ever!" ----No, it's actually "fill her." We wouldn't dream of allowing second-rate material onto this album! In our waking life, however...

"There are rumblings that The Tonics are ready to quit while they're ahead, making the album one of the greatest unreleased records ever." ----We appreciate the comparison to The Beach Boys' Smile, but the rumblings you hear are actually from the thunderstorms uncharacteristically affecting SoCal at this moment.

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