Tuesday, January 04, 2005

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The Tonics, who else?

Steven worked on bass parts for "Lucy," "The Clapping Song," and "Agoraphobia," harmony vocals on "Apart" and "Agoraphobia," and a piano track for "The Clapping Song."

"Stop putting words in my mouth." ----Too late. Go join the union of disgruntled fictional characters against playwrights, novelists and lyricists.

"Mark claimed that the album takes an anti-blogging stance. Is that true?" ----Well, I'm not against blogging but only that our peers don't seem to have anything fascinating to say on their blogs. Except, of course, thetryingmadcap.

This web page, ironically, is a blog. We love irony and the album is full of it.

"Will you release a single ahead of the album?" ----None of the eligible bachelors in this band seem interested in leaving The Tonics. So the answer is no.

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