Monday, January 17, 2005

Top ten reasons why you want to listen to the new Tonics album

10. Acoustic guitar played throughout!
9. Distorted guitar played tastefully, i.e. there is none
8. It's not prog, metal, or the combination of both
7. They've got two main vocalists, like The Beatles. And everybody loves The Beatles
6. If you're reading this, you're probably one of their friends, and you can probably get a copy for free
5. In five years, you want to be able to brag to your friends, "I heard The Tonics before they were famous!"
4. To hear them before they sell out to a record label, even if it's an indie one
3. Poor Mark. Poor Steven. The least you could do is to listen as they pour out their hearts.
2. You're sick of the shit they play on the radio
1. They're not the Monotonics

NEON PHOSPHOR didn't have access to the internet today, but that doesn't stop him from updating this page for later upload.

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