Sunday, January 09, 2005

Guided by voices

More vocal work today on "Lucy," "Tonight" and "Distance."

"Is this a concept album?" ----I like to see it as a coherent collection of pop songs. If we include song transitions and tracks bleeding into each other, we'll try to do it in a non-prog way.

"Which famous album would you compare it to?" ----Revolver, Pet Sounds

Arta: "I'm not trying to be a primadonna, but I don't want to hear it that way." (refusing to hear his error-ridden guitar track until it's been edited)

"Allusions in this album? I hear they're everything from Emily Dickinson to TS Eliot to the Bible." ----That's what you get when the two lyricists are English and comp lit majors. Actually, if you think our lyrics are loaded, go read some Radiohead.

"Any musical allusions?" ----Steven quotes some unidentified jazz piece, and Arta quotes from "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)," which we actually tried to cover a few years ago.

"Any truth to the rumor that 'Neon Phosphor' will be recorded for the album?" ----Hmm...what use do we have for someone who sings in all capital letters?

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