Saturday, January 15, 2005

Tonic now in Berkeley

Steven's mobile recording studio has been successfully relocated to Berkeley. We anticipate Mark will visit Berkeley sometime this semester to record. Steven: "I'm so bored at Berkeley, my pet project this semester is to convert all of our songs into standard tuning if they aren't already." To that I say... good luck.

Anytime you delay a monumental album like this, the danger (or advantage, depending on how you see it) is that the band members may write new songs that will seem better than the old ones, necessitating lots of extra recording. While that will drive up the quality of the album, it can also delay an album indefinitely and reduce the motivation for the band to do promotional work for the stuff that's already done. Hopefully, this band will stick to the goal of a summer 2005 release and then take a much-deserved break from writing.

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