Friday, January 14, 2005

What do you think, Mark?

Mark hears some of the mixes for the first time in a few weeks. A decision is made to re-record the piano part on "The Clapping Song" and some vocal tracks. Also, the album release has been postponed to summer 2005.

Mark on "The Clapping Song": "be prepared for some mind altering vocal tracks tonight... the clap will give the clap because it's so deep. it'll blow your mind. the lyrics will bowl you over"

"Why the delay??" ----Great art is not to be rushed. We have to get every second of the album perfect, at the same time working at a more natural, leisurely pace. So... we need more time.

"Will there be an EP?" ----Maybe. We're talking about it. The Distance EP part deux? Stay tuned.

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