Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ian's day in the sun

Today, Ian recorded drum tracks for "Apart," "Agoraphobia," "Distance," "Lucy," "Hamlet," "Clapping Song" and "Filler." More drumming scheduled for tomorrow. Early mixdowns sound great. There is a question about the jazz piano line in "Clapping Song" and whether it is dissonant with Mark's melody. "Distance" is possibly finished.

The new Tonics album: where fun becomes something horrifying, like our recording schedule.

"Interpret your album within the art historical context." ----The way of the future.

"Future? Is there a lot of electronica involved?" ----In the post-apocalyptic future as prophesized by Sculpted Static's 2nd album, Sunny Ash, there are no computers. We anticipate a future with exotic and primitive instruments such as the guitar, piano, drums and voice.

Arta: "The theme of this album is agnosticism in every sense. Agnosticism and scepticism."

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